About Me


Welcome to my site! My name is Bella, and I’m so excited to share my passion for cooking and baking with you. I’m mildly obsessed with creating new recipes. I love experimenting with new flavor combinations, and it’s so exciting to create something that feels fresh and brand new!

A bit more about me, I grew up in Tennessee before moving to the Pacific Northwest (hence PNW Bella). My cooking is inspired by both of these places I’ve called home. I love sharing recipes that remind me of home, that were passed down to me by my mom. I also love experimenting with the flavors of the Pacific Northwest and using new ingredients and flavor combinations that I’ve never tried before.

By day I’m a software engineer, but by night I’m scouring Pinterest and cookbooks for inspiration. I’m an amateur cook and baker, and I’m always excited for the opportunity to learn something new.

I hope you enjoy!